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BuyBack Cisco IT - Cisco Asset Recovery - Turn Surplus Networking Equipment Into $$$ - WE BUY YOUR CISCO WITH THE HIGH OFFER

Merges and acquisitions, network migration, data center consolidation and downsizing all happen to companies at some point in time. What do you do with your excess or old networking equipment? LWC is your single source solution. We make network asset recovery simple, hassle free and cost-effective by buying your used and surplus networking equipment. Our solution provides a verifiable process that is a complete EOL process. It is Environmentally, ROI, and Carbon Footprint sensitive. It's what every OEM and enterprise user needs.

Reasons LWC Should be Your Single Source Solution:

We offer a comprehensive, tightly controlled process that covers everything from logistics and data security to the de-manufacturing and recycling of materials. We maintain complete control over the entire process to ensure absolute data security and maximum environmental sustainability.

Savings Value

Our relationships throughout the industry ensure we have the contacts to get you the highest possible market value for your networking equipment.

Consignment Value

LWC can clean, test and market your equipment on your behalf. By letting us manage the sell of your networking equipment through our networks will allow us to get top dollar for your used networking equipment.

Trade-in Value

LWC can provide you with an option to trade in your used networking equipment and receive credit towards purchases of brand-name new or refurbished Cisco Networking gear.

Storage Value

LWC can store and sell your unwanted networking IT equipment saving you time and space.

Environmental Value

LWC will help you dispose of assets using green methods in compliance with U.S. and state laws. We will provide a certificate of erase and or disposal for your businesses records.

One Source Solution

LWC experienced staff works with you to determine the right product and service combinations to meet your budget needs.

Let us help you expand your capital, to purchase the mixture of new and refurbished networking equipment to meet your unique current needs.

You may visit either our Sell Cisco or Buy Cisco pages to submit requests for specific products or to obtain more information